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  1. No. 1090 - Does credit scoring improve the selection of borrowers and credit quality?Data di pubblicazione:7 November 2016by Giorgio Albareto, Roberto Felici and Enrico Sette
  2. No. 1089 - Non-standard monetary policy, asset prices and macroprudential policy in a monetary unionData di pubblicazione:7 November 2016by Lorenzo Burlon, Andrea Gerali, Alessandro Notarpietro and Massimiliano Pisani
  3. No. 1088 - Peer monitoring via loss mutualizationData di pubblicazione:7 November 2016by Francesco Palazzo
  4. No. 1087 - Housing and credit markets in Italy in times of crisisData di pubblicazione:7 November 2016by Michele Loberto and Francesco Zollino
  5. No. 1086 - Should I stay or should I go? Firms' mobility across banks in the aftermath of financial turmoilData di pubblicazione:7 November 2016by Davide Arnaudo, Giacinto Micucci, Massimiliano Rigon and Paola Rossi
  6. No. 1085 - Foreign ownership and performance: evidence from a panel of Italian firmsData di pubblicazione:7 November 2016by Chiara Bentivogli and Litterio Mirenda
  7. No. 1084 - Women at work: the impact of welfare and fiscal policies in a dynamic labor supply modelData di pubblicazione:19 September 2016by Maria Rosaria Marino, Marzia Romanelli and Martino Tasso
  8. No. 1083 - BTP futures and cash relationships: a high frequency data analysisData di pubblicazione:19 September 2016by Onofrio Panzarino, Francesco Potente and Alfonso Puorro
  9. No. 1082 - Price dispersion and consumer inattention: evidence from the market of bank accountsData di pubblicazione:19 September 2016by Nicola Branzoli
  10. No. 1081 - Dealing with student heterogeneityData di pubblicazione:19 September 2016Curriculum implementation strategies and student achievementby Rosario Maria Ballatore and Paolo Sestito

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