No. 1013 - Bankruptcy law and bank financing

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by Giacomo Rodano, Nicolas Serrano-Velarde and Emanuele Tarantino June 2015

Exploiting the timing of the 2005-06 Italian bankruptcy law reforms, we disentangle the effects of reorganization and liquidation in bankruptcy on bank financing and firms’ investment. A 2005 reform introduces procedures facilitating loan renegotiation. The 2006 reform subsequently strengthens creditor rights in liquidation. The first reform increases interest rates and reduces investment.

The second reform reduces interest rates and spurs investment. Our results highlight the importance of identifying the distinct effects of liquidation and reorganization, as these procedures address differently the tension in bankruptcy law between the continuation of viable businesses and the preservation of repayment incentives.

Published in 2016 in: Journal of Financial Economics, v. 120, 2, pp. 363-382

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