Crisis management procedures for financial intermediaries

This collection of papers was presented at the seminar ‘Crisis management procedures for financial intermediaries’ held at S.A.Di.Ba., the Bank’s of Italy’s training and conference facility in Perugia, on 3 and 4 March 2000.

The purpose of the seminar was to examine the content and the effects of these procedures in the case of asset management companies. Several factors have generated interest in the subject: the regulations on crisis management for financial intermediaries are the same as those applying to banks, despite differences of structure and operation between the two; there is a lack of experience in applying them; jurisprudential analysis is in its early stages; and there is no consolidated case law.

The authors include Bruno Bianchi, Luigi A. Bianchi, Giuseppe Boccuzzi, Sido Bonfatti, Gianluca Brancadoro, Raffaele Capuano, Giuseppe Carriero, Enrico Castellani, Mario Cera, Vincenzo Cerulli Irelli, Antonio Cinque, Vincenzo Desario, Leonardo Di Brina, Sabino Fortunato, Luigi Gaspari, Bruni Inzitari. Alberto Jorio, Raffaele Lener, Alessandro Leproux, Salvatore Maccarone, Giorgio Meo, Giuseppe Santoni, Vincenzo Sparano, Carlo Tresoldi, Giuseppe Verrascina.

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