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  1. No. 38 - Technical Change, Non-Tariff Barriers, and the Development of the Italian Locomotive Industry, 1850-1913Data di pubblicazione:19 December 2016by Carlo Ciccarelli and Alessandro Nuvolari
  2. No. 37 - A Historical Reconstruction of Capital and Labour in Italy, 1861-2013Data di pubblicazione:19 December 2016by Claire Giordano and Francesco Zollino
  3. No. 36 - Historical Archive of Credit in ItalyData di pubblicazione:12 February 2016by Sandra Natoli, Paolo Piselli, Ivan Triglia and Francesco Vercelli
  4. No. 35 - Regional Growth with Spatial Dependence: a Case Study on Early Italian IndustrializationData di pubblicazione:12 February 2016by Carlo Ciccarelli and Stefano Fachin