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This is a monthly publication of statistics on monetary policy, banks' balance sheets and bank interest rates. Most of the statistics are harmonized at the Eurosystem level. The publication is divided into three parts:

  1. Information on banks' balance sheets: main asset and liability items; funds raised by holding sector and instrument; loans classified by sector of economic activity, maturity and type; bad debts by sector of economic activity; loans and bad debts by branch of economic activity; composition of banks' securities portfolios; securities held on deposit by banks; securitized banks loans by type and borrowing sector.
  2. Bank interest rates on deposits and loans applied on outstanding amounts or new business, divided by counterparty sector between non-financial corporations and households.
  3. Statistics on the Italian components of the monetary and credit aggregates of the euro-area: monetary aggregates and counterparts; the Bank of Italy’s balance sheet; official interest rates and Eurosystem monetary policy operations; reserve requirements; and banks’ liquidity.

This publication is part of the Statistics series.

Time series data are available in the Statistical Database section of the website.

For further details click on Methods and Sources: Methodological Notes and on Banks' balance sheets and on Bank interest rates in the section Methods and sources: Special topics.

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