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This section contains the manuals compiled by the Bank of Italy for some of the statistical indicators published in the Statistics series.

The Italian balance of payments is compiled in accordance with the methodological conventions established by the sixth IMF Manual (BPM6). A detailed description of the methodology and the main statistical sources is available in the Balance of Payments and International Investment Position manual.

The Financial Accounts manual describes the sources and statistical methodologies currently used for compiling the financial accounts. It also presents their scope and main uses for economic analysis, with applications to monetary analysis, macroeconomic imbalance indicators, and studies on financial stability.

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Financial Accounts

These are quarterly statistics on stocks and flows of Italy’s financial assets and liabilities classified by institutional sector (non financial corporations, households, general government, financial corporations, and rest of the world) and by financial instrument, in order of liquidity based on the original maturity and negotiability (from cash to deposits and insurance and pension instruments).

Balance of Payments and International Investment Position

These are monthly statistics on transactions between residents and non-residents.