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This annual publication summarizes the key findings of the sample survey on international tourism conducted by the Bank of Italy since 1996. It provides data on tourism expenditure, the number of visitors, the main characteristics of the trip and of inbound and outbound visitors, with details about their countries of origin and destination, purpose of the trip, and type of accommodation used.

This publication is part of the Statistics series.

The survey on international tourism is based on monthly interviews and counts of resident and non-resident travellers transiting through Italy's borders and contributes to the compilation of the "services" item of Italy's balance of payments, in accordance with the methodological conventions set out in the sixth edition of the IMF's Balance of Payments and International Investment Position Manual (BPM6). For further details click on the "Analysis and Methodology" section of the page "International tourism".

The survey data are available as monthly and quarterly aggregate tables (only in Italian) or microdata.

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The Bank of Italy has been conducting since 1996 a survey on international tourism, based on interviews and counting of resident and non-resident travellers at the Italian borders (road and rail crossings, international ports and airports).