Agenda for Official Publications and statistics of the Bank of Italy, of conferences and seminars organized by the Bank, of national and international engagements of the members of the Bank.




  1. 1 Publications Survey of Industrial and Service Firms Rome
  2. 5 Publications Bank of Italy official reserves Rome
  3. 5 Publications Bank of Italy balance-sheet aggregates Rome
  4. 9 Publications Banks and Money: national data Rome
  5. 9 Conferences Conference "Carlo Azeglio Ciampi Governatore della Banca d'Italia" Conference Centre Carlo Azeglio Ciampi for monetary and financial education Via Nazionale, 190 - Rome
  6. 10 Publications The Italian economy in brief Rome
  7. 10 Publications Survey on Inflation and Growth Expectations Rome
  8. 11 Publications Sample Survey Italy - International tourism Rome
  9. 12 Publications Economic Bulletin Rome
  10. 12 Appointments Governor Ignazio Visco addresses the 100th Annual Meeting of the Italian Banking Association (ABI) in Milan Milan
  11. 15 Publications Central government debt Rome
  12. 15 Publications The Financial Market Rome
  13. 15 Publications General government gross debt Rome
  14. 15 Publications The Public Finances, borrowing requirement and debt Rome
  15. 18 Publications Financial Accounts Rome
  16. 19 Publications Balance of payments and International investment position Rome
  17. 20 Appointments Visits to Palazzo Koch Rome
  18. 22 Publications Italy's international reserves and foreign currency liquidity Rome
  19. 23 Publications Bank Lending Survey (BLS): results for Italy Rome
  20. 24 Publications Italian contribution to euro-area monetary aggregates and Summary data on Monetary Financial Institutions resident in Italy Rome
  21. 31 Press releases €-coin Rome
  22. 31 Publications Other financial corporations Rome
  23. 31 Publications Sectoral balance sheets Rome
  24. 31 Publications Banks and Financial Institutions: Financing and Funding by Sector and Geographical Area - Monthly Tables Rome
  25. 31 Publications General government operations Rome