The economic and macroprudential analysis of credit market developmentsFourth seminar of the Bank of Italy's 2011 annual technical cooperation seminars programme

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Bank of Italy - Rome, 12 December 2011 - 14 December 2011

The fourth seminar of Bank of Italy's annual programme of technical cooperation with central banks of emerging countries was devoted to the analysis of the credit market.

Regular monitoring and in-depth assessment of credit market dynamics and structure are an essential component of central banks' economic and financial analysis. The recent financial crisis has further highlighted the importance of effective analytical instruments of credit market developments, to gauge their impact on monetary policy transmission, to assess financial stability conditions and prospects, to evaluate their influence on the real sector's economic performance, to support macroeconomic forecasts.

The Seminar aimed at illustrating the analytical methods and tools in use at Banca d'Italia to meet these challenges.