"Towards a more inclusive central bank: the diversity management function"16 February 2022

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The webinar deals with the objectives and the main tools of a Diversity and Inclusion (D&I) policy within a central bank.

The main focus is on:

  • The meaning of D&I with specific regard to central banks;
  • How to build an inclusive workplace through communication and HR tools;
  • How to promote gender balance within the organization;
  • How to empower staff belonging to one or more minority groups (e.g. on the basis of sexual orientation or identity, disabilities, cultural background).

The webinar leverages on the experience gained so far by Banca d'Italia in this field and on the ongoing discussion and exchange of experiences at the European (ESCB/SSM) and G7 levels.

The webinar is very interactive and participants are expected to be willing to share experiences at their respective institutions and points of view on D&I issues.