"Competencies as drivers of central bank staff development"6-7 April 2022

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This seminar illustrates the key role of competencies in the shaping of HR development for central bank employees.

The main focus is on:

  • Mapping competencies;
  • Designing professional development paths;
  • Designing managerial development paths;
  • Partnering with business lines;
  • Setting up a corporate academy.

In order to carry out their tasks, central banks require specific competencies, some of which are not available on the general employment market. They range from professional (e.g., economic, statistic, legal, etc.) to behavioural and managerial skills. Central banks' HR policies are increasingly based on these skill sets, on how to identify them, develop them, and employ them in the most efficient and effective way.

This seminar shares Banca d'Italia's current experience developing an HR competency-based approach, from mapping skills, to designing professional and managerial paths, from helping the Bank's business lines to employ them, to setting up a Corporate Academy in order to strengthen existing skills and to create new ones that can meet future challenges.