Webinar: "Central Banking in the world of FinTech: the rise of digital, financial and monetary services"Date: 30 November - 1 December 2020

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The webinar will provide participants with a broad overview of the issues arising from the significant changes under way in the payment and market infrastructures as new digital technologies and digitally enabled financial instruments, platforms and services become more widespread.

The impact of these developments will be analysed with respect to:

  • the changes in the operational, legal and economic features of payment systems and market infrastructures resulting from technological and financial innovation;
  • the challenges raised for a central bank at micro level (actors, platforms, and business models) and macro level (financial stability and systemic risks);
  • the main implications for supervisors and overseers (compliance, regulation, and governance);
  • the institutional responses to financial innovation: the international and European approaches (methods, actors, and proposals);
  • Banca d'Italia's experience with its 'FinTech Channel'.

For the issues described above, the approach taken by Banca d'Italia will be presented and discussed. Participants are encouraged to contribute actively by sharing their own experience and points of view, possibly submitting a short presentation.