Seminar: "Central banks' communication"Rome, 9-11 September 2019

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Central banks' communication has become a strategic function that helps NCBs to achieve their institutional goals and to be more accountable and transparent. In more dynamic environments, central banks need to communicate their many objectives, strategies, and decisions effectively to a large and diverse set of stakeholders. Innovations in IT and social media offer opportunities and challenges for external and internal communication. However, crafting effective communication is not easy, especially when the issues are complex or contentious. Alignment with stakeholders is important to foster support for the common good and to build a strong reputation to be better prepared in times of crisis. This seminar provides a forum for communication experts working in central banks and regulatory authorities to exchange views, share experiences, and deepen their understanding of related topics, with a specific focus on: the development of a communication strategy and the variables to be taken into account; the relationship with the media and stakeholders, building up a network; digital communication; internal communication, tools and goals; the monitoring and use of social media, "what and when" for a central bank; crisis communication; Eurosystem communications and the recent experience of Banca d'Italia.