Workshop: "Euro banknote production at Banca d'Italia - outstanding features"Rome, 18-19 February 2019

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The workshop offers a general overview of the framework for euro banknote production (reference context and principles, the role of the ECB and of NCBs, and Eurosystem requirements for banknote production) and provides an outline of Banca d'Italia's Banknotes Directorate (resources and activities, organizational set-up, and machinery & equipment). The main manufacturing steps (the printing stages and the cutting and finishing process) are illustrated; the programme includes a visit on-site.

Special attention is devoted to design and origination (D&O) facilities and expertise (description of the process as a whole as well as of key achievements in the field, production of offset and intaglio plates using the most advanced computer-to-plate techniques, and contribution to the development of the ES2 project) and to innovative pre-press activities (coating of pre-press materials through physical vapour deposition).