Workshop: "Reconciling financial intermediaries' reporting burden and regulators' information needs"Rome, 9-10 December 2019

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The workshop illustrates Italy's approach to data collection from monetary and financial intermediaries. Banca d'Italia adopts an integrated approach to reporting requirements, which consists in articulating the various information needs expressed by the different institutional functions within a single conceptual framework, to avoid requesting the same information twice. The Banca d'Italia's approach also consists in complementing the integrated reporting framework with the cooperative and voluntary "PUMA2" initiative involving the reporting agents: PUMA2 is a permanent table of experts that designs and maintains the methodology for conceptually bridging the content of the reporting framework with the reporting agents' internal databases. This makes it possible to improve the quality of data produced by the respondents while simultaneously lightening their reporting burden. The methodology and IT tools used for these tasks are also presented and discussed.