Workshop: "Integrating the key variables in a changing organization: approaches and tools"Rome, 15-16 February 2018

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In line with the event offered in 2016 [‘Building the backbone of the organization: internal rules, processes and procedures’], this new workshop discusses tools to plan, assess and improve the organization, motivate and develop human resources and make the best use of technology. Looking at the organization as a system, the workshop covers the classic key organizational variables (structures, processes, HR and technology), highlights the importance of a synergic interaction between them and explores their combined role in new concepts, such as smart working and organizational well-being.

Specific case studies and examples from the Bank of Italy’s experience are provided on topics such as the strategic planning system, the management dashboard, the project management framework, and the new objective and feedback system. Actions for process improvement (including the dematerialization of internal documents) is also shared. Participants are asked to take an active part in discussing and analysing case studies; first-hand accounts are also encouraged.