Seminar: "Payment systems and market infrastructures in the EU; policy, operation, oversight. The Bank of Italy's experience"Rome, 12-14 December 2018

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The seminar aims to deepen participants’ knowledge of EU payment systems and market infrastructures from a policy, operational, technical and oversight point of view; the Bank of Italy’s experience from these different perspectives is presented.

The following topics are covered: the role of the ESCB in payment and securities settlement systems; the TARGET2 large-value payment system and the T2S (business and IT) securities clearing and settlement system; central banks’ collateral management and the mobilization of marketable collateral in Eurosystem credit operations (the Eurosystem Collateral Management System, ECMS); the post-SEPA (Single Euro Payments Area) landscape − interoperability and reachability in European retail payments and in the Bank of Italy’s retail payment services; new Eurosystem services in the field of instant payments, TIPS (business and IT); business relationships with the national banking community; services offered to non-EU central banks and international institutions; recent developments in the regulatory framework, at EU and international level; and the Bank of Italy’s role in the oversight of systemically important payment systems as well as retail systems and services.

Presentations are complemented by a visit to the Service Desk of the TARGET2 and T2S Eurosystem Market Infrastructures, which is jointly operated by the Bank of Italy and Deutsche Bundesbank.