Public Debt Management and the Contribution of Banca d'ItaliaRome, 16-18 June 2014

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The seminar on public debt management and the contribution of Banca d'Italia is the second of the Bank of Italy's 2014 annual technical cooperation seminars programme.

The crises dramatically altered the environment in which public debt managers operate for refinancing an increasing stock of public debt. The objective of this seminar is to offer a comprehensive view on the Italian public debt management, focusing on the contribution of Banca d'Italia.

First, the seminar will examine the auctions' execution, including the handling of the related operational risk, also drawing from the experience gathered by Banca d'Italia. Next, the seminar will discuss the drafting of issuance plans and how to exploit both analytical tools and the dialogue with primary dealers. Broadening the subject, the seminar will touch base on the relationship between debt management, monetary policy implementation and financial stability, as arguably the crisis intensified the linkages between the different policy areas.

Presentations will be offered by officials from Banca d'Italia and the Ministry of Economy and Finance as well as by participants. Notably, they are expected to contribute to the seminar by presenting their own experience in debt management and by playing in a role game.

Participants are representatives from the central banks of new EU member states, EU candidates and potential candidates, countries included in the EU neighbourhood policy and other emerging economies.

Participation in the Bank of Italy's international cooperation seminars is by invitation only and is limited to central banks.