Eurosystem Statistics

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Eurosystem harmonized statistics are accessible in this section.

The following index links to the tables disseminated by the ECB concerning Euro area aggregates and national contributions for the main monetary, financial, real and balance of payments indicators. The index substitutes the application ‘Eurosystem statistics: euro-area aggregates and national contributions’ which has now been discontinued.

Average interest rates on deposits and loans of households and non-financial corporations

Harmonised indices of consumer prices - Breakdown by purpose of consumption

Harmonised indices of consumer prices - Breakdown by type of product (mainly used by the ECB)

Payment Statistics - Non-parteciping Member States

ECB portal for statistics dissemination

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The Eurosystem is the system of central banks of the euro area responsible for conducting the single monetary policy. It comprises the European Central Bank (ECB) and the national central banks (NCBs) of the EU member states that have adopted the euro.