Survey on inflation and growth expectations and Italian housing market survey

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Use of the BIRD system is subject to the Bank of Italy accepting a request for the issue of a user license. Authorized users receive detailed instructions on how to submit programs for processing.

Authors who refer in their publications to results obtained with the BIRD system are required to cite the source (e.g. "Source: Banca d'Italia, Survey of Industrial and Service Firms"); however, they may not involve the Bank of Italy in any way since they are entirely and exclusively responsible for the use of the data.

In order to permit the collection of bibliographic material on the Survey of Industrial and Service Firms, authors are kindly to send a copy of the research work carried out using the BIRD system to:

Banca d'Italia
Servizio Analisi statistiche, Divisione Indagini Campionarie
Via Nazionale 91, 00184 ROMA

or to the following e-mail address:

Requests for additional information may also be sent to the same addresses.

Research work sent to the Bank of Italy must be accompanied by the form that can be obtained below, duly filled in, or by a text file containing the bibtex headings of the work.


Documentation for the utilization of the BIRD system

  • Instructions for use pdf 100.0 KB The user manual for the platform permitting the remote submission of programs. Please refer to the Sample Surveys edition of the Supplements to the Statistical Bulletin for any details on the sample design and the methods adopted. Data di pubblicazione:17 January 2014

Description of the variables of the Survey on inflation and growth expectations and Italian housing market survey

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