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What is the State Treasury service?

The Bank of Italy acts as Treasurer to the Italian State. It makes payments on account of general government bodies and collects amounts due to them. Citizens can receive wages and salaries and other payments from governmental bodies, pay what they owe to those bodies on own or third-party account, and obtain reports on the transactions effected.

How to collect amounts paid

One can collect an amount due from a general government body:

  • normally, by credit to one's current account or via other electronic payment instruments (e.g., electronic payment cards);
  • in cash, in person at a branch of the Bank of Italy or a post office. You cannot collect more than €1,000.00 in cash.

If the payment order has already been received by the Bank of Italy branch, you can ask the branch to credit the amount to a bank or postal current account or to issue a cashier's cheque.

How to pay

Payments to governmental bodies can be made:

  • by bank or postal credit transfer
    If a credit transfer is used, you must give the reason for the payment, the International Bank Account Number (IBAN) of the budget item with reference to the competent Treasury or the account to be credited, the tax code of the debtor and where necessary the tax code of the payer. The IBAN can be found on the website on the Ministry of Finance and Economy by entering IBAN under "cerca nel sito".
  • in cash at one of the Bank of Italy branches
  • via postal current account

The deposit slip must be made out in favour of the Treasury ("Tesoreria") and filled out in full. The receipt stub certifies that the payment has been made.

You can make payments from abroad, in euros, by credit transfer to the account to which payment is to be made. For payments to State budget items, use only the IBAN of the Rome Treasury account (Tesoreria di Roma).

Payments not in euros are always handled by the Bank of Italy via correspondent banks. The banking coordinates for these payments are supplied directly by the general government bodies to which the payments are made.

How to request information

Payment beneficiaries or their legal representatives may apply, in writing, to inspect payment orders, to get copies of them, or to obtain information on orders paid or to be paid. The request must specify all the elements needed to identify the order (the issuing government body, the number of the payment order, the budget item, the date of issue and the amount) and the person requesting the information.

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The Bank of Italy operates throughout the country via its branches located in the regional capitals and in some provincial capitals.

Treasury services

The Bank of Italy performs the State treasury service. This consists in the execution of all payment orders issued by central government bodies, drawn both against budget lines and against off-budget accounts, and in the collection of all the amounts due on whatever basis to the central government, both directly and indirectly.