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  1. The Banking and Financial Ombudsman (ABF) Annual Report for 2019 html The Annual Report of the Banking and Financial Ombudsman for 2019 (Arbitro Bancario Finanziario, ABF) has been published. The ABF was established in October 2009 and is now in its tenth year. This is an opportunity to reflect on the functionality of this ...Publish date:8 luglio 2020
  2. The Banking and Financial Ombudsman (ABF): four new panels in Bari, Bologna, Palermo and Turin are operational html and supplementing the panels in Rome, Milan and NaplesPublish date:23 dicembre 2016
  3. The Banking and Financial Ombudsman Annual Report for 2018 pdf 4.8 MB Publish date:25 febbraio 2020/pubblicazioni/relazione-abf/2018/en-report-ABF-2018.pdf
  4. Ancona - Programme (only in Italian) pdf 227.9 KB Publish date:8 aprile 2019/media/notizie/2019/ANCONA-VIGILANZA-AGENDA-08042019.pdf
  5. BARI - Programme (text in Italian) pdf 203.9 KB Publish date:14 gennaio 2019/media/notizie/2019/BARI-PROGRAMMA-AGENDA.pdf
  6. The Banking and Financial Ombudsman Annual Report for 2019 pdf 9.5 MB Publish date:8 gennaio 2021/pubblicazioni/relazione-abf/2019/en-report-ABF-2019.pdf
  7. L'Aquila - programme (text in Italian) pdf 195.7 KB Publish date:14 febbraio 2020/media/notizie/2020/L_AQUILA_VIGILANZA_20022020.pdf
  8. Cagliari - programme (text in Italian) pdf 255.8 KB Publish date:22 novembre 2019/media/notizie/2019/cagliari-vig-29.11.2019.pdf
  9. Palermo - Programme (only in Italian) pdf 239.7 KB Publish date:8 febbraio 2019/media/notizie/2019/Palermo-15.02.2019.pdf
  10. The Banking and Financial Ombudsman Annual Report for 2017 pdf 11.7 MB Publish date:28 gennaio 2019/pubblicazioni/relazione-abf/2017/en-report-ABF-2017.pdf

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