Italian Housing Market Survey. Short-term Outlook - 2022 Q2Statistics

According to the Italian Housing Market Survey of 1,465 real estate agents conducted between 23 June and 20 July 2022, signs of house price stability prevailed in the second quarter, with a slightly higher balance between assessments of a price increase and those of a decrease than in the previous survey. Prices are now expected to decline in the current quarter, after having remained in positive territory for three quarters. Although the average time on market and the average discount on sellers' initial asking prices are at historical lows, agents point to worsening demand conditions. The share of real estate agents that sold at least one property, while still high, has fallen, and the negative balance between assessments of an increase and those of a decrease in the number of potential buyers has widened. New sale listings are also falling. The outlook has deteriorated both for the agents' own markets and for the national market. These assessments factor in higher energy prices and the invasion of Ukraine, which are believed to contribute to a downward pressure on both the number of potential buyers and house sale prices.

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