Italian Housing Market Survey. Short-term Outlook - 2021 Q2Statistics

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According to the survey of 1,192 real estate agents conducted from 21 June to 26 July 2021, although agents reporting price stability continue to make up the largest share, the signs of upward pressure on house prices have strengthened. In line with these developments, the average discount from sellers' initial asking prices has declined slightly. Assessments of demand conditions have improved, boosted above all by more favourable opinions in non-urban areas, while the trend in new sale listings remained negative everywhere. Expectations regarding their own reference market continued to be stable, while those regarding developments in the domestic market improved, especially over the two-year horizon. Agents' perceptions that, over the next three years, potential buyers' demand will shift, more than in the pre-pandemic period, towards independent houses and those with outdoor spaces have solidified. The possibility of remote work is a contributory factor in these developments, especially in the metropolitan areas.

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