Italian Housing Market Survey. Short-term Outlook - 2017 Q1Statistics

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According to the Italian Housing Market Survey carried out between 27 March and 28 April 2017 for 1,413 real estate agents, in the first quarter of 2017 the share of estate agents that reported falling housing prices was much lower than that of the same period last year, although it increased marginally with respect to the previous quarter. Demand conditions further improved: the number of potential buyers and mandates to sell increased and selling times fell.

The proportion of house purchases financed with a mortgage was still prevalent; the loan-to-value ratio continued to cover more than 70 per cent of the property’s value.

Estate agents are more optimistic regarding the outlook for their own market and for the domestic market as a whole. Expectations are more favourable both for the current quarter and for the medium-term (two years).

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