No. 83 - Quality and efficiency in the new Procurement Code - new perspectives and open issues

The Quaderno is inspired by the conference organized in January 2017 by the Legal Service and the Procurement Service of the Bank of Italy, focused on the legal profiles of the Procurement Code with the greatest impact on the activities of public and private entities. The published contributions also reflect the further in-depth analysis conducted by the authors in the recent months to take account of the most recent regulatory developments.

The introductory speech by Valeria Sannucci underscores the great attention given to these issues by the Bank of Italy, both in its role as a contracting authority (and as a recipient of the legislation on public contracts), and for the implications that public tenders have on the structure and functioning of the markets. Other contributions deal with the analysis of the legislation from the point of view of the contracting authorities and the firms, the operational tools introduced by the code and the judicial review system. In particular, Luisa Torchia addresses the theme of the tools for quality and innovation that the new code makes available, while Paola Chirulli deals with the issue of the qualification of the contracting authorities. Luigi Donato concentrates his attention on quality and efficiency of the contracting entities and firms as the main themes of the new code, while Marco Lipari's contribution focuses on efficiency of the public procurement system and judicial review.

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