No. 82 - Gustavo Bonelli - A lawyer in the Bank of Italy

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by Paolo Grossi, Mario Libertini, Stefania Pacchi e Antonio Padoa-Schioppa

The Legal Research publication (Quaderno di Ricerca Giuridica) collects the contributions to the conference hosted by Banca d'Italia on 3 April 2017 for the presentation of the book "Gustavo Bonelli - a lawyer in the Bank of Italy" edited by Carlo Angelici, Olina Capolino, Pierluigi Ciocca, Marino Perassi, Mario Stella Richter jr. and Giuseppe Terranova.

The volume about Bonelli is the result of a joint work by scholars of law and economics and the lawyers of the Bank of Italy. It deepens many aspects of Bonelli's legal and social research through a selection of his writings, with brief introductory essays by the editors.

The opening speech by Ignazio Visco introduces the figure of Bonelli underlining the international openness, the modernity of his thought and his scientific method, while the contributions of Paolo Grossi, Mario Libertini and Stefania Pacchi highlight the theoretical value and the high quality of his contribution to Italian commercial law doctrine and to the bankruptcy reform. Finally, Antonio Padoa-Schioppa, retracing the various aspects of this important example of an open minded lawyer, both during the conference and presented in the book, outlines the complete figure of Gustavo Bonelli as man and master.

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