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  1. 11th Workshop on Macroeconomic Dynamics: Theory and ApplicationsData di pubblicazione:21 December 2012Rome, 21 December 2012
  2. Macroeconomics after the (financial) flood - Conference in memory of Albert Ando (1929-2002)Data di pubblicazione:18 December 2012Rome, 18 December 2012
  3. Cloud computing in the financial system. Standards, regulations and monitoringData di pubblicazione:29 September 2012Rome, 28 September 2012
  4. Family Economics and Human Capital in the FamilyData di pubblicazione:26 June 2012Rome, 26 June 2012
  5. The trends of Italy's international tourismData di pubblicazione:22 June 2012Rome, 22 June 2012
  6. Workshop on the National Accounts of the Italian economy from 1861 to 2011Data di pubblicazione:16 April 2012Rome, 16 April 2012
  7. Fiscal policy and growthData di pubblicazione:29 March 2012Workshops on Public Finance - Perugia (Sadiba), 29-31 March 2012
  8. Fifth Bank of Italy-Ministry of Foreign Affairs ConferenceData di pubblicazione:27 March 2012Rome, 27 March 2012
  9. Women and the Italian EconomyData di pubblicazione:7 March 2012Rome, 7 March 2012
  10. Third International Conference in memory of Carlo GianniniData di pubblicazione:6 March 2012Developments in macroeconomic modeling and econometric assessment of structural policies

    Roma, 6 March 2012

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