Workshop on "Public Administration and Economy"Rome, 4 November 2015

On 4 november 2015 the workshop on “Public Administration and Economy” was held at the Bank of Italy. The workshop mainly focused on the importance of an efficient public administration for the competitiveness and growth of the economy and on some of the weaknesses in the management of human resources in the Italian public administration. The workshop was divided into two sessions.

The papers in the first session presented new measures of local governments performance and its determinants and evaluated the impact of a simplification in the bureaucratic regulation for doing business on firm demographics in Italy, and of measures of public sector efficiency on firm productivity.

The second session discussed some critical aspects of the management of human resources in the Italian public administration such as: i) the impact of job instability in the public sector on workers' sorting between the private and the public sector, ii) the weaknesses in the structure of Italian public managers’ incentives and the main guiding principles of the reform in progress; iii) the presence of imbalances in the distribution of human resources between administrations and the efficacy of the available legislative instruments in allowing a more efficient allocation.

The programme is available here.