Pension Reform, Fiscal Policy and Economic PerfomanceWorkshops on Public Finance - Perugia, 26-28 March 2009

The volume collects the essays presented at the 11th Workshop on Public Finance organised by Banca d'Italia in Perugia on 26-28 March 2009. The workshop examined the issue of pension reform with the purpose of highlighting the recent analytical developments and the most relevant policy issues.

Session 1 examined the impact of pension reforms on the labour market and their effects on investments in human capital and productivity growth. Session 2 was devoted to the impact of pension reforms on capital markets, and specifically on the effects of funded schemes. Section 3 considered the impact of reforms on income distribution, within and across generations, and macroeconomic developments. Section 4 dealt with the political economy of pension reforms and their role in the broader fiscal policy context.

Attendance at the conference is by invitation only.

Organizer: Mr. Daniele Franco, Banca d'Italia

Session I - Pension Reform And The Labour Market

Session III - Pension Reform, Redistribution, Macroeconomic Impact