No. 1 - Bibliography of the writings of Paolo BaffiWorking papers

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by Rosanna Visca and Valentina Memoli July 2012

With the collaboration of Silvia Mastrantonio. Introduction by Massimo Omiccioli

Intended as a fitting tribute to Paolo Baffi by the Bank of Italy's Library, which since 1990 bears his name, the book, with over 540 entries, is a revised and expanded version of the former Governor's bibliography. It was originally presented in Rome on 9 December 2009 at the conference entitled The Heritage of Paolo Baffi, organized to mark the twentieth anniversary of his death. This publication is the fruit of bibliographic and documental research based on an analysis of the original sources found in collections in the Bank's possession and in other libraries. The bibliography is intended as a sort of "user's guide" to Paolo Baffi's writings, signposting and cross-referencing the various reprintings, editions and translations of the same contribution. As the bibliographic research proceeded, papers held in the Bank's Historical Archives were also examined, permitting some of the writings that had previously remained anonymous to be attributed to Paolo Baffi.

The bibliography is preceded by an introductory essay to give scholars wishing to learn more about the ideas of Paolo Baffi a biographical framework within which to contextualize his writings.

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