The Bank of Italy announces toll free number to help households and firms to access financial support

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Bank customers can call the toll free number 800 196 969 to speak with the Bank of Italy's help desk should they encounter problems when accessing financial support under the measures adopted for households and firms and to report any issues that may arise when dealing with their own banks.

The service is active seven days a week, 24 hours a day. Queries will be answered by phone or email from Mondays to Fridays, between 8.30 - 13.30 and 14.30 - 17.30 (approximately within one working day after the request for information).

To make its toll-free number more accessible, the Bank of Italy provides a service for deaf people by customizing the free 'Pedius' App for smartphones and tablets. Specifically, the app makes it easier to access the information on this service.

The new toll number is in addition to the services already available for the presentation of an Appeal to the Banking and Financial Ombudsman and requests for information through the Online Services platform of the Bank of Italy.