Warning: deepfake videos circulating online

The Bank of Italy warns the public of the existence online of video messages that artificially reproduce the image and voice of members of financial authorities, including the Bank of Italy, and other top institutional leaders and well-known persons.

Such content, known as deepfakes, is also generated using artificial intelligence to modify real video or audio in order to convey and add credibility to messages that are untrue and shared with the aim of committing fraud.

None of these videos, even those that make explicit reference to the Bank of Italy, have been authorized.

Therefore, if you encounter such content it is recommended that you:

  • be skeptical about the message it conveys;
  • do not respond to or carry out any requests made;
  • avoid sharing it, so as to not help spread it,

We would like to remind you that the Bank of Italy publishes its official communications on its website and on its social media profiles: YouTube; X - Banca d'Italia ; X - Ufficio stampa; LinkedIn.