Valoridicarta S.p.A. - The new national producer of special papers and security hologramsof the State Printing Office and of the Bank of Italy

Valoridicarta S.p.A is the new State Printing Office and Bank of Italy company tasked with making high-quality watermarked papers with embedded holographic security and anti-counterfeiting features, used in the production of banknotes and identity documents, especially passports.

The production of the special security papers will take place at the company's plant in Foggia, which has attracted significant investment in technology and in the development of new research activities. 

The objective is to have an industrial pole that is a centre of excellence in Italy, boasting an integrated production model – papers and holographic security features – and making Valoridicarta unique in the Eurosystem. Valoridicarta S.p.A. recently got accreditation from the European Central Bank to produce paper for banknotes. Banca d'Italia's participation in Valoridicarta enables important synergies to be leveraged, making it possible to raise the efficiency of the Bank of Italy's printing works and successfully respond to future production and technological challenges.   

The presentation of the new company, held on 15 July in Rome at the historic premises of the State Mint, was attended by the Minister of the Economy and Finance, Giovanni Tria, the Governor of the Bank of Italy, Ignazio Visco, the Managing Director of the State Printing Office and Mint, Paolo Aielli, and the new Chairman of Valoridicarta S.p.A. and Deputy Director General of the Bank of Italy’s DG for Currency Circulation and Accounting, Francesco Nicolò.