The new Regulation on the administrative procedures of the Bank of Italy and Italy's Financial Intelligence Unit

The Regulation on the identification of the terms and organizational units responsible for the administrative procedures and procedural stages falling within the sphere of competence of the Bank of Italy and Italy's Financial Intelligence Unit, pursuant to Articles 2 and 4 of Law 241/1990 and subsequent amendments, has been published in the Official Gazette No. 189 of 9 August 2021 (O.S. No. 29).

The new rules, which repeal the Regulation of the Italian Foreign Exchange Office (Ufficio Italiano dei Cambi, UIC) of 17 August 2006, as well as the Bank of Italy's Regulations of 25 June 2008 as amended, of 22 June 2010 as amended, and of 5 March 2013, reorganizes, updates and simplifies the rules on the Bank's procedural activities.

The Regulation carries specific provisions on procedures relating to the Bank's institutional functions and, in particular, to its integration in the Single Supervisory Mechanism (SSM) and the Single Resolution Mechanism (SRM).

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