The Bank of Italy's new online services are ready to go

From today it will be easier to access the Bank of Italy's online services.

You will now be able to access data held by the Central Credit Register and by the Interbank Register of Bad Cheques and Payment Cards free of charge, quickly and securely. You can also make complaints, send reports and request information about banking and financial services.

You can access these services easily via your smartphone, tablet or personal computer: go to the section 'Services for the Public' and click on 'Online Services'. You can then select the service you are interested in.

The platform uses the Sistema Pubblico di identità Digitale (SPID) and the Carta Nazionale dei Servizi (CNS), but you can access these services even if you do not have a digital ID.

Using SPID or CNS to consult data in the Central Credit Register provides responses in real time.

For further information, call the free phone number 800 19 69 69.

Watch the video and see how our new online services work.