The Bank of Italy participates in the National Committee for Financial Education: the work begins

The Bank of Italy was represented by Magda Bianco (Head of the Consumer Protection and Anti-Money Laundering Directorate) in the first meeting of the National Committee for the planning and coordination of financial education activities, held on September 6.

The Committee is chaired by Annamaria Lusardi (Chair of the Research Committee, OECD/International Network on Financial Education (INFE) and Professor at the George Washington University) and is composed of: representatives from four Ministries (Economy and Finance, Education, University and Research, Economic Development, and Labour and Social Policies); financial authorities (Bank of Italy, Consob, Ivass and Covip); the supervisory body for financial consultants and their register, and the National Council of Consumers and Users (CNCU).

The Committee aims to promote and plan awareness-raising campaigns as well as financial education initiatives and will play a crucial role in laying down and implementing the National Strategy for Financial Education in Italy, which is based on the dissemination of basic knowledge together with fully integrated tools to enable people to become familiar with financial rules and products, which are sometimes quite difficult to understand. The Bank of Italy, which has long been committed to this issue, underlines the essential role of the Committee in ensuring the coordination of the activities performed by each participant and the provision of guidelines and useful information to all stakeholders, both public and private.


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