The Bank of Italy in conversation with communication experts

On Monday, 22 February, at 11.00 am, the second listening event takes place online, with contributions from communication experts on the Eurosystem's monetary policy strategy review.

The video of the event is available on the Bank's YouTube channel at

Twelve journalists from different newspapers who are experts on economics and finance will converse with Ignazio Visco, Governor of the Bank of Italy; Eugenio Gaiotti, Head of the Directorate General for Economics, Statistics and Research; and Luigi Cannari, Head of the Directorate General for Markets and Payment Systems. Angela Barbaro, Head of the Communications Division, will moderate the event.

The communication experts in attendance are:

  • Andrea Cabrini, Class CNBC, Managing Editor
  • Domenico Conti, ANSA
  • Daniele Manca, Corriere della Sera, Deputy Editor in Chief
  • Enrico Mentana, TG La7, Director of La7 News and Sport
  • Maurizio Molinari, La Repubblica, Editor in Chief
  • Francesco Ninfole, MF - Milano Finanza
  • Beda Romano, Il Sole 24 Ore, Brussels EU Correspondent
  • Alessandro Sallusti, Il Giornale, Editor in Chief
  • Alessandro Speciale, Bloomberg News, Rome Bureau Chief
  • Giselda Vagnoni, Reuters, Italy Bureau Chief
  • Sarah Varetto, Sky Italia, Executive Vice President Communications, Inclusion & Bigger Picture
  • Marco Zatterin, La Stampa, Economy & Finance Editor

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