The agreement between the Department of Public Security and the Bank of Italy for the prevention of cybercrimes has been renewed

The Department of Public Security and the Bank of Italy have renewed the agreement for protecting the networks and information systems that support the essential functions for the Bank of Italy's institutional activities. This agreement, in line with the principle of collaborative security, provides for cooperation between the two institutions to prevent and combat cybercrimes, including by sharing information on cyber threats.

The cooperation between the Polizia di Stato (State Police) and the Bank of Italy is ongoing, and they have set up the CNAIPIC (National Anti-Crime Computer Centre for the Protection of Critical Infrastructures) and the CERTBI (Computer Emergency Response Team of the Bank of Italy). The CNAIPIC serves as the national and international contact point for critical events affecting sensitive computerized infrastructures of national importance, while the CERTBI acts as the reference point for the Bank of Italy in exchanging information on cyber threats with qualified counterparts and for cyber threat intelligence work for the Bank's proactive and preventive defence.