Our Strategic Plan for 2023-25

The Bank of Italy's Strategic Plan for 2023-25 sets out our vision, objectives and action plans.

The Bank of Italy regularly formulates strategic priorities in a document that sets out the objectives and action plans to be achieved in the following three years. The plan aims to provide a comprehensive and consistent framework for the overall governance of our resources in the performance of our many functions: participate in the design and implementation of the euro area's monetary policy; oversee the stability of the banking and financial system; analyse the economy and society with advice on public policies; protect savers; support innovation and the infrastructure of the payment system; and manage monetary circulation. The implementation of the Plan requires the involvement of the Bank's various functions at central and local level.

The definition of the 2023-25 Strategic Plan takes place at a time of great uncertainty, including at international level: the ongoing pandemic crisis, geopolitical tensions, rising energy supply costs following Russia's attack on Ukraine, inflationary pressures and the new phase of monetary policy at global and European level have added tothe challenges posed by the urgent energy transition, new technologies, digitalization and the reforms needed to overcome a long period of stagnation in the Italian economy.

The Plan for 2023-25 is far-reaching and innovative, with a marked international dimension. It reflects the Bank's unwavering commitment to serving the country and Europe, and aims to provide a consistently high-quality contribution in all of its areas of action.

Five strategic objectives are to be achieved through seventeen action plans:

  1. Step up efforts to ensure a stable and secure financial system;
  2. Strengthen economic and financial innovation in Italy and Europe;
  3. Enhance the protection of customers of banking and financial services and engage in an increasingly direct and open dialogue with the outside world;
  4. Support the energy transition and protect the environment;
  5. Become increasingly inclusive, efficient, and innovative.