Money muling awareness campaign - December 2022

The Computer Emergency Response Team for the Italian financial sector (CERTfin), a public-private cooperation initiative for countering cyber risk, co-chaired by the Italian Banking Association (ABI) and the Bank of Italy, together with the State Police, have adhered to the new cyber awareness campaign for 2022 promoted by Europol and the European Banking Association, to curb money muling.

A 'money mule' is a person who transfers money to others in digital form or in cash on behalf of a third party, in exchange for a commission. Criminal organizations sometimes recruit people who are unaware that they are being involved in illegal activity and are criminally liable. Money muling is also often connected with cyber crime, money laundering and terrorism financing.

To combat money muling, Europol, in coordination with the police forces of several EU countries, has organized an information campaign called EMMA8 (European Money Mule Action) to raise awareness among businesses and the general public of:

  1. the ways in which criminals operate in order to procure and engage the mules who transfer funds illegally;
  2. how to protect yourself and not get involved in such activities;
  3. what to do if you do get involved.

This year's focus will be on potential victims who are most exposed to this type of crime, such as students and people in financial difficulty.

The EMMA8 campaign materials and communications are available on Europol and CERTFin websites.