"Let's design a banknote" competition for schools in 2015-16

This is the third edition of the competition, organized by the Bank of Italy and the Ministry of Education, with the cooperation of the Ministry for Foreign Affairs.

Italian primary and secondary school students are invited to design an imaginary banknote exploring the theme ‘The wealth of diversity’, celebrating our differences (be they physical, cultural, religious or ethnic) and the impetus they give to social and economic growth and our collective wellbeing.

The intention is to link the ‘Let’s design a banknote’ prize, which aims to familiarize young people with the Bank of Italy and with how banknotes are produced, to a reflection on cultural inclusion, respect for differences, appreciation of people’s abilities and skills, and acknowledgement of each individual’s contribution to our community and its ‘human capital’.

The deadline for applications to enter the competition is 1 February 2016 and the designs must be sent in no later than 1 March 2016.