In search of financial stability: macroprudential analyses and stress testsRome, 5-7 December 2012

The global financial crisis has shown the need to develop and improve macroprudential analysis methodologies and tools, in order to promote financial stability. The fourth seminar of Banca d'Italia's annual technical cooperation programme will therefore present and discuss recent developments in macroprudential analyses. A particular focus will be placed on the discussion around the relevance of stress testing techniques, as both macroprudential and microprudential tools, as well as on the most important methodological and organisational issues regarding stress test design and implementation.

Banca d'Italia will illustrate its stress testing framework, which includes both a top-down and a bottom-up approach, with the latter recently integrated in the framework of EU-wide stress tests. Presentations will also be delivered by an expert from the European Banking Authority and an economist from the International Monetary Fund, who will describe how their respective Institutions address the issues discussed.

In order to stimulate debate on different national perspectives, three participants have been invited to present the experience of their respective authorities in the area of macroprudential analyses and stress testing and a final panel discussion will be held on "macroprudential analyses and stress testing after the global financial crisis".

Participants are representatives from central banks of new EU member states, EU candidates and potential candidates, countries included in the EU neighbourhood policy and other emerging economies.

Participation in Banca d'Italia's international cooperation seminars is by invitation only and is reserved to central banks.