Financial education in Italy: today and tomorrow

The Conference on ‘Financial education in Italy: today and tomorrow’ is being held today at the Bank of Italy’s Carlo Azeglio Ciampi Centre for monetary and financial education, Via Nazionale 190, Rome.

The conference, which will be opened by the Deputy Governor Luigi Federico Signorini, presents the results of the survey on financial education programmes in Italy in the period 2012-14. The survey is the result of a joint project run by the Bank of Italy, Consob, COVIP, IVASS, the Foundation for Financial Education and Saving (Fondazione per l’Educazione Finanziaria e al Risparmio), and the Savings Museum (Museo del Risparmio).

The conference will also focus public attention on the importance of increasing financial literacy in Italy, coordinating projects more effectively, and drawing up a roadmap for a National Strategy for Financial Education.