'Economics for everyone', the Bank of Italy's new Financial Education Portal, is online

Economics for everyone is the Bank of Italy's new Financial Education portal.

It is now much easier to learn how to manage money and make financial choices. From using payment cards to making decisions on borrowing, saving or investment, Economics for everyone can help people to make more informed choices and avoid the most common mistakes in managing their money.

News, videos, calculators, games and infographs will make learning about economics fun and practical at the same time.

The Bank of Italy's new Financial Education portal, which follows on from 'Quello che conta', the national portal, is for everyone: young people, adults, students and teachers.

If you want to know more, start surfing the portal and watch the first videos in the 'Make the right choice' and 'Behavioural traps' series and keep following the storyline in the episodes as they come out over the next few weeks!