Banca d'Italia and UCL, with DLT Science Foundation, have organized the 2023 Peer-to-Peer Financial Systems Workshop - 26-27 September

Banca d'Italia and the University College London (in partnership with the DLT Science Foundation) have announced a new edition of the Peer-to-Peer Financial Systems Workshop (P2PFISY), a leading academic and policy conference supported by central banks, prominent universities and with the participation of experts from a number of international institutions. The two-day workshop, hosted by Banca d'Italia, aims to foster dialogue among academics, central bankers, regulators, legislators and industry representatives on the latest developments in financial innovation and their implications for the global economy. The event will take place in Rome on 26-27 September, 2023.

The conference showcases keynote addresses from renowned international thought leaders, followed by a series of paper and panel discussions. The full programme can be viewed here.

With a spotlight on the evolving landscape of emerging decentralized digital technologies, the event explores their implications for the innovative payments ecosystem, open finance, central bank digital currencies and potential forms of digital money, as well as economic, social and environmental sustainability. The 2023 edition of P2PFISY discusses the critical challenges and opportunities for the industry, central banks and regulatory authorities posed by the rapid digitalization of financial services, including obstacles to their adoption, ethical use, universal access and more besides