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  1. Eurocoin indicator: November 2022 pdf 299.9 KB Publish date:2 December 2022
  2. Identification of the UniCredit, Intesa Sanpaolo, Banco BPM and Monte dei Paschi di Siena banking groups pdf 173.2 KB Publish date:25 November 2022as other systemically important institutions authorized to operate in Italy
  3. Eurocoin indicator: October 2022 pdf 383.3 KB Publish date:4 November 2022
  4. The Bank of Italy announces the scheduled release dates of statistical periodicals for the year 2023 pdf 525.9 KB Publish date:2 November 2022
  5. Foreign exchange and OTC derivatives market turnover in Italy pdf 204.7 KB Publish date:27 October 2022
  6. Decision to reciprocate a German macroprudential measure pursuant to Recommendation ESRB/2022/4 of the European Systemic Risk Board pdf 155.8 KB Publish date:20 October 2022
  7. Eurocoin indicator: September 2022 pdf 759.6 KB Publish date:3 October 2022
  8. The Countercyclical Capital Buffer (CCyB) rate for the fourth quarter of 2022 remains unchanged at zero per cent pdf 839.5 KB Publish date:30 September 2022
  9. Eurocoin indicator: August 2022 pdf 313.8 KB Publish date:5 September 2022
  10. Eurocoin indicator: July 2022 pdf 293.1 KB Publish date:5 August 2022

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