8th Joint Bank of England - Banque de France - Banca d'Italia International Macroeconomic Workshopon The US dollar as a global currency: challenges and perspectives

The Bank of Italy is organizing the eighth workshop on "The US dollar as a global currency: challenges and perspectives", in collaboration with the Bank of England and the Banque de France. The event will take place in Rome on 8 November 2022, health conditions permitting. The workshop will take place in Rome at the Banca d'Italia, and will be held in-person (unless the evolution of the pandemic or other exceptional circumstances will not allow so).

The aim of the conference is to foster the debate on the use of the dollar as a global currency, and its implications for the global economy, covering the following topics: dollar safety and convenience yields, de-globalisation and the future of dollar dominance, dollar funding and the global financial cycle, dollar invoicing and global trade, dollar shortages and central bank swap lines, the emergence of non-dollar reserve currencies, digital alternatives to the dollar.

Papers should be submitted by 1 September 2022 at the email address: intworkshop2022@gmail.com. Authors of selected papers will be contacted by 15 September 2022.

For registration to attend the conference send an email to bancaditalia.studi.convegni@bancaditalia.it