Conference: The Rise of Modern Banking in Naples. A Comparative Perspective - Speech by Governor Ignazio Visco

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Fondazione Banco di Napoli, Università degli Studi di Napoli Federico II and the Bank of Italy - Naples, Fondazione Banco di Napoli, 15 June 2017 - 17 June 2017

The conference ‘The Rise of Modern Banking in Naples: A Comparative Perspective’ will be held in Naples on 15-17 June and will take place at what was once the Banco dei Poveri and is now the headquarters of the Fondazione Banco di Napoli and its historical archives.

The subject of the conference is one of the most controversial in history and in economic analysis: lending and the nature of money and banks.

The conference will be divided into four sessions and two round tables, and proposes a comparative analysis of the origins of the bank in Naples and in Europe; it will also examine the topic of financial innovation as a response to crises and wars.