Workshop on "Public procurement: participation, quality and efficiency"

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Bank of Italy - Rome - Congress Centre, via Nazionale 190, 29 March 2017

On March 29, 2017 the Bank of Italy will be hosting a workshop on “Public procurement: partecipazione, qualità ed efficienza” (Public procurement: participation, quality and efficiency). The World Bank has recently published the 2017 Benchmarking Public Procurement Report which assesses the adequacy of the public procurement regulatory framework for a large group of countries, in relation to the ability to promote the participation of firms in the market.

The publication of the Report coincides with the implementation in our country of important policy changes aimed at increasing the quality and efficiency of procurement processes. The event will bring together academics, institutional experts, policymakers, and representatives of the private sector. It will provide an opportunity to present the results of the exercise carried out by the World Bank, and facilitate an exchange of ideas on the key aspects of the reforms under way. The program is available here.